Welcome to Bones Theatre!                        Map to the Theatre

                                               655 N. Opportunity Drive                                                         Office Phone Number: (260) 244-0051
 Columbia City, Indiana  46725                                                 Email Chris Jones: cjones@bonestheatre.com


Coming Attractions

Note: The availability and/or release date of films can change without notice. The following Coming Attractions are a list of films we expect to offer at Bones Theatre:

The Gentlemen (R)

The Gentlemen Poster

starts Today

Sonic the Hedgehog (PG)

Sonic the Hedgehog Poster

starts Today

The Invisible Man (R)

The Invisible Man Poster

coming soon

The Call of the Wild (PG)

The Call of the Wild Poster

coming soon

  ***Click on any of the movie pictures above and you will be taken to the IMDB website, which has a lot of information on the movies ***